Student 1:

The way I’ve transformed positively from the start of my course has been unbelievable. At the start of my course, I thought college would allow me to involve in only academic hectic schedule, but it stimulated the practical industry environment by organizing various events like National Tech fest, Guest lectures, workshop, programming events at regular interval of times. Being part of this event as coordinator and participants, I have become more confident in facing the contemporary world.

Student 2:

I felt home and comfortable with the platform provided by the college. Infrastructure of the college allowed me to get motivated to participate in all activities like robotic event, sports event and culture events. Finally, I felt healthy environment in which I was possessed by knowledge and ethical values in applying the current technology on the real world.

 Student 3:

Since from childhood, I was fascinated by the software, hardware entities like how they are going to work in coordination. Finally, my fascination has come true by the CSE Department of our college that provided me opportunity to gain knowledge in designing the software which is going to be productive, economical and reliable to the society.

Student 4:

The support from my college gave me the opportunity to put myself on the contemporary society in dealing with people and the situations around us. Being part of SPHOORTHY WOMEN’s CHAPTER committee that stand by the girl student for their enrichment has been fantastic. Moreover college provided me a mix of both academic theory classes and extra-curricular activities at equal pace.