Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Electrical & Electronics Engineering

About EEE Department

Sphoorthy’s EEE department is established in 2004. It offers high quality electrical and electronics education to the students, and lends its part in turning them into professional electrical engineers. The department also focuses on innovative methods to teach the students, like industrial tours, seminars, electrical fests, etc.

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Vision & Mission

Our vision is to teach with high standards for transforming the students into potential electrical engineers, thereby providing the required talent for the industry. We have framed a mission to achieve this, and it includes the strategic progress throughout the course years to attain perfection on the core concepts.

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courses offered

Courses Offered

We offer EEE course for graduation and post-graduation. For B.Tech or graduation, the general EEE course is offered, while the post-graduation or M.Tech students are offered with Power Electronics and Power Systems specialization.

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course structure

Course Structure

We follow the JNTUH course structure to teach our EEE students. They are offered with various electrical and electronics subjects in the 4 years of graduation, and their skills are improved systematically during this period. Our M.Tech students too are offered with the university’s core structure for systematic education.

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program outcome

EEE Program Out Comes

At Sphoorthy, the EEE graduates are trained well, so that they are capable to carry out any electrical related experiments with ease. They can find efficient solutions for the electrical problems, and handle the important processes like power generation, transmission and distribution.

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Admission Eligibility

We select the candidates for EEE stream by evaluating their ranks in EAMCET or Engineering Agriculture and Medical Common Entrance Test. Further, they should have a 50% aggregate in the 10+2 examinations in MPC group.

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EEE Career Prospects

Bright career prospects are available for the EEE students. Electrical engineers are required for large numbers in power companies, electrical machine production firms, electronics industries, etc. They are also required to join as faculty for teaching the future engineers.

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Why EEE Course @ Sphoorthy

Electrical and Electronics Engineering should be taught effectively to the students, to make them grasp the subject. The teaching techniques should be innovative and efficient for this purpose. Sphoorthy excels in this regard, and we provide out-of-the-box theoretical and practical classes to the students.

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Electrical & Electronics Engineering


The infrastructure provided for the EEE stream are of top class, and they contemplate the high quality theoretical classes provided by the faculty. We know that the advanced infrastructure have a high impact on the learning capability of the students. Further, they are useful for the students to work on new concepts and achieve astounding results.

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HOD Profile

Sphoorthy’s EEE department is in the hands of an experienced and capable HOD, Mrs. Deepani Danakavi. She had worked on many concepts in her 10 years academic experience, and got the papers published in many national and international events.

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Department Faculty

The EEE department faculty is extensively skilled, and they can lead the students in the right direction. Their in-depth knowledge about the electrical and electronics concepts is a boon for the students.

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academic calendar

Academic Calendars

We provide academic calendars to the EEE students, according to which the semester classes are planned. JNTUH provides curriculum for each semester, and we carry out the proceedings according to it. The classroom sessions, exams, etc. are conducted accordingly, and we request the students to follow the academic calendar strictly.

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Research Pub

Research & Publications

We encourage the EEE students to do research on various topics, and get the research papers published. It is not an easy task, but we provide the necessary support.

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Department Events

The regular EEE department events conducted by us are very crucial for the students. The programs, ranging from EEE fests to seminars, can provide incredible knowledge and expertise to the Electrical students.

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Department Achievements

Our staff and students have posted various achievements in the programs conducted by EEE department. They did this even when the conditions are very strict, and it deserves special mention about their sound technical skills.

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Department placements

Department Placements

We lend a special emphasis on the placements of our EEE students, and hence, we have started a placements cell for this purpose. This cell is proficient in training the EEE students to suit the industrial requirements, and then invites renowned industries to select their workforce from our campus.

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EEE Department Alumni

The EEE department alumni have a special place in the success of our college. They are instrumental in guiding the present students, and provide their invaluable advices for the students’ successes. We organize a special meeting for this purpose, to enable an interaction between our alumni and the college students, which can also help in their career guidance.

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Department Associations

The department associations play a phenomenal role in the development of the upcoming EEE graduates. These associations provide the required financial funds for the commencement of the projects, and this can boost the students’ skills.

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Department Notice Board

The EEE notice board announces the recent happenings and the future plans to the students. We use this platform to update our students with all the proceedings of the department. Even the examination results are also displayed on them, making this notice board an effective medium for communication.

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Department Blog

Our blog provides numerous articles which can clear the doubts and provide the required education for many people. They are the resources of knowledge, compiled by the lecturers and talented students, and hence it is worthy to refer them for knowing about EEE group.

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Department Contact

We provide contact numbers for the benefit of the interested people, who want to know more about the EEE department in Sphoorthy. Dial us, and we will provide the information about what you want to know. Be sure to add these phone numbers to your contacts for an informative discussion.

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